5 Reasons to Install Brick Paving for Driveways

When deciding on what material to use for your driveway or other high traffic areas, there are many options and factors to consider. Brick paving, asphalt and concrete are just some of the popular choices in South Africa – but which one is right for you?

Here we list five of the most common reasons why homeowners choose brick paving for their home improvement projects.

  1. Durability


Brick paving generally lasts longer than poured concrete which has a tendency of cracking. Bricks are also naturally coloured by the clay they’re made from, meaning they will maintain their colour better, particularly when exposed to UV rays.

Their strength is also a beneficial factor as bricks are capable of withstanding tremendous pressure and heavy loads, making them ideal for high traffic areas where it will be subjected to heavy axle loads.

  1. Low maintenance

When it comes to interlocking brick pavers, ease of maintenance is a significant benefit over concrete driveways. Whereas concrete is prone to staining and irreversible damage, the cleaning process of brick paving is much easier, requiring little more than a mild detergent and occasional scrubbing, and can usually just be hosed down or swept clean.

Although bricks may chip or crack over time, it is easier to lift and replace bricks without compromising the rest of the driveway, thereby greatly reducing the cost of repairs over time.

  1. Slip Resistance


The abrasive texture of brick pavers provides enhanced traction, even on steep, wet terrains – making them the safer option for driveways and pathways.

  1. Aesthetics


The distinct, versatile and timeless style of brick pavers have made them a steadfast choice for decades. The size, colour and interlocking combinations offer virtually limitless design possibilities that can be customised to your personal taste.

In addition, brick walkways tend to maintain its aesthetic appeal with age while other materials merely look worn out over time.

  1. Environmentally friendly


In addition to being made from all-natural materials, bricks that have been salvaged from building sites can be cleaned and recycled, making them a more sustainable choice overall.

In short, clay brick pavers are the time-tested, timeless choice that will never let you down, even after generations of use.

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