Different types of paving solutions

When considering what type of paving you want on your walkway, the options are incredibly varied. Each different type of option provides a solution when it comes to style, durability, life-span and eco-friendliness for industrial, residential or commercial paving. Within this article we aim to explore a couple of the different options and the solutions they can provide.

1.    Clay Paving

Clay paving has a distinct edge in style as they proved to be a classic, timeless look. This option is also durable as a clay walkway retains its charm over time. Clay paving resists staining and requires less maintenance and cleaning than concrete pavers. An eco-friendly solution; clay pavers are frequently salvaged, cleaned, and reused, making them a more sustainable choice.

2.    Wet Cast Paving

There are two main types of concrete pavers, wet cast and dry cast paving. Wet cast pavers appear to have a smooth and non-porous surface and allow for more intricate surface textures than dry cast. These pavers allow for bolder tones like jet black or red and provide smoother finishes as well as much more intricate surface textures.

3.    Dry Cast Paving

The dry cast manufacturing process is known for producing products like concrete pipes, manholes, and concrete blocks. Dry cast pavers have an optimal water to cement ratio making them incredibly strong. This is the optimal choice for large-scale commercial paving like highways and roads due to their high strength durability and load capacity.

4.    Cobble Stone Paving

Cobblestone is a smaller and smoother rock and is manufactured individually into square and rectangular shapes. Essentially, it is a large pebble that has been rounded by flowing water. Cobblestone gives an old-English feel and is suitable for residential paving and is a solid choice for driveways, walkways and patios that want to have a uniform aesthetic appeal.

5.    Flagstone Paving

Flagstone is typically a much larger stone than cobblestone, usually constructed from limestone, sandstone or slate and can range in size from 1 cm to 7,5 cm thick. It is customizable so you can choose a certain pattern and size or leave it as a completely random design. Flagstone paving can provide a middle-English and Scottish feel to the space.

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